Need a Transcript???


For a transcript, you must send to St. Mary's Dominican
High School the following:

Name when attended
Date of birth
Social Security #
Dates attended or approximate times
Current name, address and telephone number
Name and address of place transcript is to be sent

Fee is $5.00 for the first transcript and  $4.00 for the second one if sent at the same time.
Make chacks payable to:
St. Mary's Dominican High School

Send all information to:
St. Mary's Dominican High School
  7701 Walmsley Ave.
  New Orleans, LA  70125
ATTN: Sr. Dorothy Lorio, O.P.

Bits and Pieces
      Knitted Items

Beverly Brickman, Class of '83 writes:
"My little business is Bluma's Custom Crochet."  "I create hats for women and men, make scarfs and Afghans.  My tools are circular needles and a very strong faith in Our Precious Lord." "My yarn is Polyester from Clark and Coat but I can access Sidar Yarns from England."

You can reach Beverly at or phone no. 504-339-8989.